RESIN  - Cartridges and Pourable types of Resin

CAUTION  -  Polyester Resins are not Suitable for Use in constantly DAMP areas - Use Vinyl Ester or Epoxy Resins - Refer to Specifications from Structural Engineers or Telephone Fischer Technical on 01491 827 920 if in any doubt

WARNING - Fixings can FAIL if the correct resin is not used

fischer Vinylester Resin  -  300ml Styrene Free - FISVL300
fischer fixings
Use a Standard Mastic Gun  fischer FISVL300 Vinylester Resin  -  300ml St..
Ex Tax: £7.50
fischer Vinylester Resin  -  360ml Styrene Free - FISV360S
fischer fixings
Use Gun  DD  or  EE fischer FISV 360S is suitable for most High Specification ..
Ex Tax: £12.00
fischer Vinylester Resin - 410ml Styrene Free - FISVL410C
fischer fixings
Use GUN AA  or  BB Styrene-free, quick-curing vinylester resin in the coaxial c..
Ex Tax: £7.88
fischer Fast Cure Resin - 360ml Vinylester- FISVW360S - PACK of 6
fischer fixings
Use Gun  DD or EE    -    PACK of 6  -  Delivery 3 -..
Ex Tax: £112.92
fischer EPOXY Resin Mortar - Styrene Free 390ml - FIS EM390S - Single Tube
fischer fixings
Use Gun EE fischer  EPOXY Resin Mortar - Styrene Free 390ml - FIS EM390S - Single C..
Ex Tax: £18.00